Practical Tips: Greater Self Love

One of the greatest ways for us to feel love is to become present in the here and now. We can do this by being mindful of the breath. The breath will always anchor us in the present moment and take away 90 percent of our worries, which are typically based on a future or past experience. As we develop a loving presence towards ourselves we might be called to notice certain things that do or do not feel good to us. As we develop this awareness, we will begin to develop more loving actions and thoughts towards ourselves. Loving actions and thoughts are wonderful ways that we can exercise our self-love.

Along with presence, here are 10 simple ways to invite self love into your life! Maybe you will be called to one of them:

1. Take a bath or go for a swim. Water will always make us feel regenerated or comforted.
2. Light candles or incense. Beautiful smells put us at peace.
3. Tell someone you love them in a phone call, text, email or in person. Connection with others lowers our stress levels.
4. Write, draw, dance or express yourself. When we express ourselves creatively we release anxiety and heavy feelings.
5. Surround yourself with nature. Immerse yourself in the outdoors or provide plants and flowers in your living space. Nature's beauty inspires us.
6. Buy yourself a gift or treat yourself to something you love like ice cream and DON'T feel guilty about it! We must learn to receive.
7. Clean out clutter. As we release things we no longer need, we make room for the new!
8. Have fun! Having a work, home and life balance is critical to feeling in harmony.
9. Take a trip. Sometimes we need to get away and clear our heads. See life from a new perspective!
10. Meditate, do yoga or pray. Spiritual connection can give us an unconditional happiness.