May Update: Here's To Our Volunteers!

A warm hello! Let's take a moment this month to acknowledge the generous team of volunteers behind Live + Breathe. The individuals who dedicate their time, talents and energy to better the lives of others does not go without a debt of gratitude. It is through this brilliant, successful and collaborative community that we are able to deliver on the opportunities that are afforded to us, working to impact parts of our society that are traditionally without access to skills that may help alleviate stress, navigate life challenges and allow choices to cope with healthy options. The true shape that this company has taken is because of the dedication of each unprecedented volunteer and we are over 30 strong. This is to you, for you and because of you. Thank you, Live + Breathe team. Thank you.

Yoga Feature: Special Olympics Yoga Tent!

We were honored to be part of the Special Olympics spring games in Southern California! Live + Breathe had a yoga tent on-site to stretch with the athletes. Those who stopped by the tent were welcomed onto a yoga mat to learn more. Providing “yoga on the go” hand-outs, created by our volunteer instructor, Jennifer, allowed yoga to be more accessible for parents and caregivers of the athletes. Coaches reported how much the athletes loved the yoga tent in between their games. Our volunteer, Erika, co-founder of Wuf Shanti, covered this event in her article “Yoga is for Everyone”. Read it here!

News: Yoga Sequence Video Available!

The Live + Breathe YouTube channel is available for independent yoga practice, tips and tools. This month, check out a class led by Sara, our yogi expert! It is designed to balance both the mind and body. Easy to follow, try the sequence here and be sure to sign-up as a subscriber!

In the Field: Upcoming Programs!

Yoga will be offered for homeless teens who reside at St Vincent de Paul's San Diego facility. A weekly class is in place to calm, restore and focus.

Life coaching will begin for at-risk youth in San Diego. This regular group session offers ways to manage the stresses of daily life through finding healthy and inspiring tools within.

Wellness workshops on a monthly basis will be provided to the staff at Center for Children. This mission is for those who are in a caregiver role to take the time to extend care to themselves. Led by our volunteer, Janie, a holistic nutrition and health coach, her business is based around this initiative and can be found here.

Join Us 

Behind the scenes, in the field or through your support of spreading the good word, join us in the capacity that you are best suited. To be part of the team, simply send us an email: Serving others through volunteering can be one of the most rewarding experiences that life has to offer... Just ask our team. 

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Ghandi