Living Through Self Love

We could all use a little more love in our lives! Most importantly, when we feel safe, loved, joyful and connected, we are much more capable of giving to and serving others. It is for this very reason that the universe will always support you in experiencing more love. Your very essence is love. This means that your sacred presence to yourself is enough for you to experience all the love in the world. When you treat yourself with kindness: physically, mentally and spiritually, you come into divine union with all of life. This means that you trust yourself enough to follow your inner guidance and to trust that YOU know what's right for YOU.

Many of us may have been taught through society and in our families that it is good to be a giver. What we may have missed the mark on is that giving is a mindset of love. It is the ability to trust that the universe supports you, that your soul is enough to guide you and that you and your life are perfect right here and right now. Unless we learn to love ourselves through these spiritual principles, we are trying to fill empty glasses with an empty glass. Love is a universal flow of energy. We cannot give without receiving, but in order for us to be ready to give from our hearts, we must learn to love. The best place to learn how to love is inside of yourself.

We may be experiencing a shortage of love in our lives: at work, in relationships, in our personal goals, in our bodies. If we are not feeling happy, we might feel that something is a little bit off in our lives. Just by becoming aware of this "offness", we make space for something wonderful to come in. To be present with ourselves and our lives just as they are is to allow love to happen. By not judging ourselves and our situations we enter the space of the heart, which is always open to everything because it lives in a trust towards all of life. This is the same trust that keeps your heart beating and your breath breathing. In the morning when you wake up, you just trust that this is what's going to happen. This trust in the goodness of the universe is your pathway into greater self discovery and freedom.

Once we have come to terms with our sacred presence, we can move out of ourselves into a unity with all of life. This connectedness and love towards all living things upgrades us into greater expressions of fulfillment and universal love. This is why those in service are happily giving. As they offer their time, talents and presence to those in need and rather, to all of life, they propagate the expansion of the human race as a whole into more self-love into more peace. People like Mother Theresa, Desmond Tutu, Ghandi, Thich Nhat Hanh and others of service, are connected by a network of love. They are sustained, supported and expanded by a universal source that is rooted in self-trust and self-love.

If there is any place in your life where you are struggling today, I invite you to find within yourself love for the experience and watch your life transform.