Play Hard, Recover Often

Life is a marathon, not a sprint! Taking time to recover and restore on a regular basis is a necessary component to your health. Try this simple practice to increase vitality in your life. 

Place both hands over your eyes, take a deep inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth with a sigh.

With your hands at your eyes and your eyelids closed, press your fingertips into your eyebrows. Moving to massage your temples and to your scalp. Gently rub behind your ears, tops of your ears and ear lobes. Massage your jaw, the front of your neck and behind your neck. Take one arm across your body and place your hand on the top of your shoulder and massage your shoulders one at a time. Using one hand, press your fingertips into the vertebrae just below the base of your neck and massage this 1-2" space lightly following along the spine. Place one hand over your heart and one hand on your abdomen and breathe deeply into both hands. Stay here for as many breaths as you would like.

You have just managed to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system allowing for a relaxation response, taking yourself out of the "fight or flight" mode. This is exactly what your mind and body need to perform at an optimal level. Take a moment to pause and thank yourself.