What is So Special About Earth Day?

On April 22nd, we celebrate a powerful day in environmentalism. From planting trees, participating in green events, taking on green initiatives that tackle green infrastructure solutions and engaging communities to connect with future leaders, teachers and environmental educators around the world, communities take this time to reflect upon the current state of environmental affairs. This environmental movement known as Earth Day is an incredibly transformative opportunity, that invites each of us to understand the impact that the modern human has on all of life. Why is Earth Day so important and what can we do to stand up for our beautiful Mother Earth and all of her creations?

My dear friend and I were enjoying a beautiful sunny San Diego weekend. After delicious organic sandwiches and a fabulous cup of coffee, we began to take a lovely walk around the Point Loma bay. The water sparkled like diamonds, there were kayakers and paddle boarders, sail boats and children playing in the park and beautiful couples stealing kisses. We were both in absolute heaven, enjoying every sacred moment of the morning. As we made our way back to the bridge to head into the park, a group of people at the shore stopped us,

"Have you seen the coast guard?", a women asked, looking a little distressed, "No, I don't believe we have" my friend answered. "What's the matter?" I chimed in. The woman pointed to a pile of rocks on the shore and a little seal laying her head on one. "She's dying. She's starving and the water is too warm, so there is not enough fish for her." Sure enough, this beautiful baby seal could barely move. When she shifted positions, her entire rib cage seemed like it was going to fall out of her shinny fur. After a longer dialogue with the group, I became aware of a serious problem in Southern California: beached seals. Along with Fukushima's radiation, the warming of our oceans and the horrible amounts of pollution, it seems that our sea life is slowly and subtly dying off.

We spent the afternoon together calling out to fisherman for fish, telling people on boats to notify the military or coast guard, calling Sea World (who are making an amazing effort leading rescue efforts that help feed, restore and release the seals back into the water) and most importantly, talking about global warming and our responsibility as an individual to Mother Earth.

Coincidentally, one of the group members that spent the afternoon with us was Vegan. As a devoted vegetarian I never really saw my food choice as one for the environment versus just a food preference. However, after noticing the changes that are happening right in front of me in my own environment, not only is my interest peaked, my heart is full of compassion, and my mind is definitely centered on change.

I use this post today to call upon all readers to make more environmentally friendly choices in your lives, whether that means moving to a plant based diet, getting involved with local organizations, donating to environmental foundations, using alternative energy, composting or just being aware and holding a space of love. I urge you to make a decision today to contribute to healing our beautiful Mother Earth and all of her magnificent creatures.