L+B Update: Our World in April

Hello friends! As the earth goes around, our own world of yoga instructors diligently work to provide free yoga classes to under-served populations. All classes operate with the same underlying theme of bringing the benefits of yoga to allow for independent skills to cope with daily stress factors and find a moment of peace within. We are involved every day with special students who impact us as we hope to make a small difference in their lives as well.

Yoga Feature

Stephanie sleep meditates with youth at Center for Children in a practice called Yoga Nidra. The students are part of a residential treatment program for those living with mental health challenges. Before bedtime, with pajamas, blankets and wet hair, they take time to get on their yoga mats. 45 minutes later, our instructor, Stephanie, has guided the class through a deeply relaxing meditation. With a soothing voice and a touch of lavender oil to promote sleep, she conveys a powerful practice for the purpose of peace. Yoga Nidra helps to relieve stress by regulating and restoring the mind and body. She receives individual, heartfelt thank yous, with remarks of “I will sleep so well” and “I always look forward to your class” before all amble off to bed.


Subscribe to our YouTube channel for yoga practices and tips. Our yogi expert, Sara, leads a series of ongoing lessons for better access to yoga wherever you are. The useful tools that are shown can become an easy way to incorporate life-enhancing benefits of yoga into your own world. Curious about mudras? We have a video for you! Watch here.

In The Field

Special Olympics of Southern California will have our team at their Spring Games in May. Live + Breathe will have a yoga tent during the event to stretch with the challenged athletes participating in their respective sport. Through the knowledge of yoga for greater mind/body connection, this opportunity will allow an overall enhancement in the health and well-being of the athletes. 

Join Us

We welcome ways in which you would like to be involved with the efforts of Live + Breathe! Join the team to give back or pay it forward. Connect with us about ways to share your talents by sending an email to: ayogacause@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your enduring and unwavering support of the cause. We would not be here without you!