Grounding Meditation

Use this simple meditation to counteract worry and stress in your life. It works by directing your energy downward to ground you physically and mentally. A tool to use for stability and security, this will help you re-connect with a sense of peace and proceed with choices that reflect a solid state of mind.   

Finding a comfortable seat, close your eyes and bring your hands alongside you with fingertips touching the ground. Breathing in and out of your nose, send all of your attention to the earth below you. Feeling your body supported by the earth and solidly connected. Begin to picture tree roots that grow from every point of your body that touch the earth, in the color red. Roots that stem downward through all of the layers beneath you, until they finally connect with the earth’s core. Allowing yourself to send the energy of your body down through the red roots to the core. Take as long as you would like in this grounding practice. End by bringing your attention back to your breath and slowly open your eyes.