The Way Of Loving Kindness

It is no coincidence that "Random Acts of Kindness" week falls on the same week as Valentine’s Day, the day of Love. As these two powerhouses couple to bring us this sacred and beautiful message of compassion, connection and trust, we are ready to receive the full experience of Loving Kindness. For many of us, we might be finding ourselves at a cross roads. We might be deciding on whether we're ready to invite or accept new opportunities and changes into our lives. As the universe moves towards greater expansion, innovation and change it is becoming more important than ever for us to make choices based on love. We can only fathom love, through our understanding of oneness. Oneness is the universal Truth that everything in existence is from, exists in and is heading towards one source: love. This inherently means that the universe is good, that the universe is for you and that it has your best interests at heart. If the universe is full of love and light, and anything is possible--where does that put you in your cross roads? Does it change things for you?

When we exist in the oneness that is love, we realize that we are holding a cup that is overflowing with blessings. We come to terms with the sacredness of all of life. We realize that we are full of so much grace and so much potential that our desire to serve ourselves is no longer as strong as our desire to serve others. When we stand upon the lodestone of this realization, we are empowered, energized and sustained by an infinite source of strength, wisdom and love. We no longer make choices for only ourselves, but similar to how a mother makes choices for her child, we begin to care for all of life. We see all things as intimately connected to the precious source of the one creator, from which only love stems. What this means is that we are constantly being fulfilled through our giving. The more we give the deeper in love we grow. The deeper in love we grow, the more peace we feel, the more harmonious our relationships are, the more lasting happiness we experience. In fact, when we are in alignment with the power of love, the power of all creation is within us.

So, how do we do get here? First, you must realize that the way of Loving Kindness is already who you are. It is your nature to be pure love and pure kindness. Anything that is unlike love or kindness in you is false. It is an illusion of separation. It stems from your fear of holding a cup that is not overflowing with blessings. When we enter into a mindset of separation or fear, we have to gently remind ourselves that it's OK to open our heart to ourselves and to others. We must hold fast to the Truth that the world is good and kind and loving. Once we return to our true selves, we can move forward to experience the most beautiful and sacred way of life-the way of Loving Kindness.

The way of Loving-Kindness is a pathway to your true home, the home of the heart. As a practice, Loving Kindness focuses on developing feelings of goodwill, kindness and warmth towards others. Compassion, kindness and empathy are the very basic fundamentals of this path. As we enter this incredible light we begin to live a life full of service to others. We also begin to live a life full of neurological, physiological, emotional and social benefits. Research shows that the practice of Loving Kindness has a tremendous amount of perks ranging from benefiting well-being, to giving relief from illness and improving emotional intelligence. Living a life of Loving Kindness has proven to decrease depression, chronic pain, migraines as well as an actual increase in gray matter volume in areas of the brain related to emotion regulation. It is also an incredible beauty treatment, proven to decrease telomere length- a biological marker of aging!

When we make the choice to live the way of Loving Kindness, all of these positive effects become long term transformations. We experience the pure bliss of all that is life and step up to the plate to create a reality that is in alignment with the universe at large! I invite all readers today to begin making conscious decisions based on being loving and kind towards others. Just imagine how many people in your life you can touch and inspire!