L+B Update: This Is A Yoga Cause

Hello friends of Live + Breathe! We start first and foremost by extending an enormous thank you for your support of a yoga cause which was introduced in 2014 to advance the lives of those around us. We began making a difference by offering free and regular yoga classes to special and under-served populations throughout San Diego. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible.

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to provide an update on where we find ourselves in the start of 2015.  Here are a few numbers to better understand how Live + Breathe is comprised:

6 Organizations

We work with a variety of locations in San Diego who currently serve special populations. We bring yoga classes and teachers directly on-site to these organizations for ease of access to the students. From children to adults, we have classes that properly address and suit all needs.

12 Classes

Regularly scheduled classes increase the overall benefits of yoga and aid in consistency of practice for our students. We offer programs that are tailored for each location we work within, whether by weekly, monthly or special event basis.

10 Volunteers

Qualified and talented instructors make up our expanding team of volunteers in the field. Each instructor embodies a true passion for service and is the heart and soul of our organization.

8 Team Members

From the board of directors to marketing and design, the team members responsible for the operation of Live + Breathe all contribute immensely to the success and quality of the programs offered. All are volunteers.


Our first public event and fundraiser in January was a huge success. Hosted and led by yogi extraordinaire and general manager of The Cork and Craft, Rusti Gilbert. Live music was provided by DTO during a vinyasa class, followed by a craft beer social generously offered by Dogfish Head and Firestone. Kevala and Vimmia provided give-away items during a drawing held. We collected used mats and donations for this special class. Thank you to all who came out and joined us! 

BuddhiBox is donating a portion of their proceeds in the month of February to Live + Breathe. We are honored by their partnership and mission to give-back. A gift box is delivered to your door and filled with yoga practice and lifestyle products on a subscription basis. Be sure to check out the details: https://www.buddhiboxes.com.

Stay tuned on... Drives for fitness clothes and used mats, our students are in need. And donation based yoga classes. Coming soon!

In The Field

Our yoga instructors, meditation teachers and yoga therapists hold a range of classes throughout each month. We would like to share with you a small piece of what is received in the field about our classes.

“We’ve heard really great things from the youth – they always seem to be pleasantly surprised when they find yoga has a really positive effect on them. I’ve even heard comments that class has been one of the only times they’re really able to clear their mind.” - San Diego Youth Services (Homeless Teen Shelter)

Join Us

We invite you to join the efforts of a yoga cause through a number of capacities made available. Volunteer, teach, donate, provide mats and materials for class or simply suggest a way in which you would like to apply your skill set. There is always space on our team for the do-gooders, the seekers, the change makers and the humanitarians among us. We are here to discuss any aspect of how you would like to contribute. Please get in touch with us via ayogacause@gmail.com.   

Thank you for helping to advance the lives of those around us through yoga!