Practical Tips: Cultivate Love

One of the greatest ways to practice Loving Kindness is through a consistent Loving Kindness meditation, which helps to cultivate a mindset and feelings of compassion, empathy, love and goodwill. However, there are also many different ways we can integrate this beautiful practice into our lives. Here are some ideas:

1. Become aware of where you are needed at work, in your relationships, at home and in your communities. See if you are able to anticipate the needs of others.

2. Next time you end up in a disagreement with someone else or find yourself judging the behavior of another, see if you can find compassion for them. Even if their behavior truly is unreasonable, see if you can emphasize with their unique perspective and find its source.

3. Increase your social connection. When we open ourselves to the world around us we become happy and energized. See if you're comfortable smiling at people in your community and saying hello!

4. Put an end to self-criticism. Have you been critiquing your behaviors, decisions, past experiences and even appearance? See if it's possible for you to feel forgiveness, self-acceptance and trust for your beautiful soul.

5. Try to use softer, gentler and more positive language, even in your thinking! Become aware of your words and see if you can make them more positive, lovely and caring.

Enjoy this beautiful practice and may it bring so much magic into your life!