Yoga: To Unite

Seva: Service

"The act of providing the space for the practice of yoga is service in itself; facilitating an opportunity for children and adults alike to transcend, to learn coping skills that allow them to escape the confinements of trauma, to release barriers and limitations.

By providing volunteer-based yoga classes, we serve to bridge the gap between those who can access this profound practice and those who cannot. To recognize that the basis of unity should not be limited. That in fact, the populations who cannot access this practice in a seemingly traditional setting are those who may benefit the most. Now imagine having this gift, the tools to hold space for healing. Add to that the ability to bring this service to the people in their environment. Facilitating social justice, change and equality is our mission." 

- Samira Moosavi, Live + Breathe Team

About Live + Breathe

Live + Breathe is a San Diego non-profit that offers free yoga classes to advance the health and wellness of special and deserving populations. Many individuals do not have access to regular yoga classes. This includes a large portion of our society such as those living with disabilities, elderly, youth or children. 

What Live + Breathe Offers

Live + Breathe provides free and accessible yoga classes in San Diego from qualified instructors. By mobilizing and tailoring a program that suits the population, Live + Breathe brings regular classes directly to the participants. Volunteer led and run, we invest in those around us by making the skill set that yoga embodies available to individuals that may not have access. 

Through yoga classes, we address the needs of those served and focus on giving practical tools that can be used outside of class to increase well-being. Yoga is known to have many positive benefits such as enhancing brain chemistry and improving body function. By expanding the reach of yoga, we, at Live + Breathe, believe it will have a significant impact on further improving the mental and physical state of the participants, allowing for a better way of life.

Please join us by supporting the cause, 100% of proceeds are used to operate and offer free yoga classes.



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